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The Data on Data Driven Design and Construction

I thought I’d provide an update on Data Driven Design and Construction to be published by John Wiley & Sons and hope this answers your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). When will the book finally be published? For the publication of Data Driven Design and Construction: 25 Strategies for Capturing, Analyzing and Applying Building Data, we’re looking at Fall […]

For AEC it’s Automate or be Automated

By Randy Deutsch AIA LEED AP Tom Preston-Werner, co-founder of Github, believes there will only be two types of jobs in the future: people who code computers, and people who get bossed around by computers. “In the future there’s potentially two types of jobs: where you tell a machine what to do, programming a computer, […]

The 7 Convergences in Contemporary Practice

Randy Deutsch AIA LEED AP Last summer over early morning coffee in Cambridge, Phil Bernstein – who the past couple summers has joined me on the second day – asked me what I covered on the first day of my two-day Harvard GSD BIM leadership seminar. So I gave him the run down. BIM as […]

A Single Source for High-Performance Building Data

I wanted to call this post “Telling AEC Truths with Statistics” because of this quote: It’s easy to lie with statistics, but it’s hard to tell the truth without them. – Andrejs Dunkels Imagine a site you could visit to gather stats, numbers, figures – evidence – to support your design and construction decisions. In […]

Proprietary: the Dirtiest Word in Data

Should architects, engineers and contractors give it away? By this I’m not referring to pro-bono work. Companies have a proprietary right to their property. Firms own their work and have the right to give away the copyright. Possession is, after all, nine-tenths of the law. Firms have a right to make a living. But not […]

Why Do We Build the Way That We Do?

The Data-Driven Design and Construction (3D + C) blog will feature and, where possible, follow and review, key industry events related to the subject of my book. On December 10, 2013 AIA Seattle will be hosting the one-day Data-Driven Design Forum featuring presentations, case studies, and panel discussions. Based on the invited list of speakers, […]